Hawkeye movers extended family Christmas makes me use my coloring book for the kids

It’s Monday morning. It’s winter. I have time to kill and a huge family. And Nellie would like to propose questions about if we will make it back to Chicago for her midwife appointment on Wednesday.

I just picked up Mary Kate from the airport yesterday, and she exhibited more patience with me than she has with my brother, historically. Apparantly, although we have the similarities of art, chattanooga, music, family,
Ben has taken the opposite role that Nellie and I have. Ben makes Mary kayeearn to slow down.
I hate typing on a droid.
This is not the droid I was looking for.
I have to wait for tomorrow’s tech to become yesterday’s bargin.

I’m a mover. I run to the bus to save two dollars, to stretch the winter savings. To make it to a much needed church morning. To meet Todd’s previous roommate jonathan, while Todd runs to Colorado with the charity piano, to slow down my brother Jonathan with breakfast.
The Jonathan exchange, the friendly face that encourages a quasi healthy consumption to start a day that had begun, a few events ago.

Can I just be honest with my non existent readers and admit that I am rambling in order to achieve the goal of more words in a blog, to make google happy.
And that I wonder what typing the words. “Make google happy” will do to my SEO.
My assumption is that it will result in penalty. But I can’t even find this blog on results. So what do I care about their rules.

I work for a living. I’m just attempting to promote my family business, while I let my teammates take the road driver. Because he helped me, and I treat people hypothetically like I want to be treated.

And while I sit on hold, and you read my ramble.

Please enjoy pictures of diedrich coloring on the sketch book I started when he was born. And drew pics of superheroes in order to impress caxton. Who didn’t spend a much time looking at my book as he did last night.

Because let’s be honest. It’s not YouTube. And its not as much fun as wrestling with your younger brother.
SEO friendlier, starting block that I regret to promote

the stress of moving family

We understand the stress of moving, because we have had to move around quite a bit ourselves. Working for Hawkeye Movers gives me the opportunity to use quality movers and equipment for a low price. And over the recession, we had to move a few times.

So here is Caxton in a self portrait that I think I can identify with. As a working class artist who cares about what I do, I find that I spend time alone with my thoughts. and they revolve around how to best care for my family’s future.

I see that in his eyes, he is like his grandfather and great Grandfather. an idea man. not afraid to explore new directions. even if he is alone in his move.
but he will never truly be alone.
We work to pave the way for him to go his own direction.

I hate moving myself

Moving is a stressful time for your whole family. I recently relocated to a new home and I understand the frustrations. Everything seems to pile up at the last minute.
The boxes that you think you will have packed don’t fall into place as quickly as you want. I have been a professional mover for twenty five years. I can move anyone else’s home by myself…. And I had to hire help. When it’s your own home, you develop an attachment that is hard to break out of.